Tuesday, March 2, 2010

March 2nd 2010

It was great to meet so many new friends who signed up for our CSA at the open house tonight! It was great to meet all of you face to face! Had a great day in the orchard. I prepared the ground for the peas that I will plant on March 18th. I found two new varieties that work really well for our climate. I was able to find individuals and a pizza company that could use the wood that we have cut while pruning this year. This pizza company says that cherry, peach, and apricot wood that they are using from my orchard burns slow and adds unique savor to their pizza. I'm glad that someone can use this wood instead of just burning it all at the end of the season.

Victor also finished cutting out the old canes in the blackberry field today and finished trellising the new vines.

It sure is nice to be working outside again! I do hope that it doesn't warm up too quickly.

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  1. Thayne,
    This is Leah Garriott. We met at Sheryl's last provident living lecture and pot-luck (I'm the pregnant mother who was looking for a source of produce to bottle and can). I finally found out which peaches we bottled last year--Lemon Alberta. Do you grow that type of peach? I'm excited for the upcoming season and all the food preserving I can do. It was great to meet you! leahgarriott@gmail.com.